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Electronic gift card

Do you want to give something nice to the people you care about, but want to leave it to them to pick out the pieces, colors and sizes? That's clever - many of us like to be able to choose for ourselves. Or maybe time just got away from you and you have to pick out a gift very last minute? Then we have the perfect solution for you - gift cards from Kashmina!

The giftcard is electronic and will be sent to you via email - quick and easy!


Start by choosing wanted amount on the gift card. When the purchase has gone through, you will receive an email with the gift card that contains a unique code plus the amount that's on the card. You can print out the email if you desire to. 

The gift card will be cashed in by using the code that's stated on the card at checkout on The code can be used multiple times until the full amount on the card is used up. The gift card has no time limitation. Please note: The gift card is not a physical card, but is issued electronically. 

Do you wish to add a different amount than what you can choose from the list, please contact us at

Kashminas designs are made of 100% pure cashmere, the worlds most exclusive natural fibers. Cashmere has unique qualities, by being exceptionally soft, completely non-itching, breathing and isolating more than 3 x that of regular wool.

Machine wash at home:

Please apply your machine wool program, at 30 degrees with gentle wool-friendly detergent (avoid enzyme containing detergents). Read more about how to take care of your cashmere on this page.

We ship the package to your doorstep, within 5-10 days. All taxes and customs are included (DDP), no surprises at delivery. Freight cost is a steady EURO 20, regardless of purchase volume. Learn more.

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Feel the difference

There are varying qualities of cashmere wool - and in Kashmina we aim for the highest possible standards. We only work with cashmere of the finest quality, with minimum measures of fiber thickness and length - which ensures outstanding quality, softness and lifespan of our designs.


"What a quality!"

"I am the lucky owner of several Kashmina garments and love all the products. The scarves in soft colors are lovely both in winter and summer season. I literally moved into the robe the day it came in the house. My daughter has 2 beautiful baby blankets. These have become diligent used since she came into the world. Despite a lot of use, all the garments are still just as soft and look unused. What a quality!!"

Hanne Cecilie Hegna

"Kashmina's products are fantastic! "

"Good quality, super service and have become indispensable in my wardrobe. The signature scarf has become my favorite, and is always with me whether it is a trip to the south, a city trip or a trip to the cabin."

Marit Stenshorne

"Simply the best cashmere I have ever known."

"Has several garments from Kashmina, and all are equally soft and have fantastic quality. No one above, no one next to. And this is not something I just say, I have worked with several brands that have cashmere, both Norwegian and foreign. And you actually do not get better quality than what Kashmina provides. Moreover, the price is a fraction of what many other brands are close to the quality of Kashmina."

Tone Bollerud Nicolaisen

"Fantastic quality"

"Over the last two years I have bought several garments. The bathrobe is in use both morning and evening and the black sweater goes with everything! The trousers are beautiful to crawl into on cold days, the signature scarf a "must" on flights and holidays, a long cardigan that I look forward to wearing this autumn and at the time of writing a gray scarf on the way in the mail! The quality of the garments is very nice and soft and they hold up well in the wash."

Vibeke Næss


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