Cashmere pieces are unique and exclusive products

Kashmina designs products made out of 100% pure cashmere wool

Authentic cashmere wool is the fine undercoat of the cashmere goat (Capra hircus). The goats roam in the mountainous areas of Kashmir between China, India, and Pakistan. 

Due to the cold winters in the mountains, the cashmere goat has developed an undercoat of extremely thin hair fibers. These hairs are insulating and keep the animal warm even in very low temperatures. This is the finest wool we know of and is the reason why cashmere wool is a highly sought-after product.

When spring arrives, the fur on the cashmere goat sheds naturally, and every individual goat is thoroughly shorn and the fine wool is collected. This process is done manually and is completely harmless to the animals. Did you know that to knit one large cashmere scarf, such as our Signature scarf, you need wool from three cashmere goats?

Properties that characterize products made of 100% cashmere wool are that they are warm and insulating when it’s cold, and adapt to the body's temperature, and have a cooling effect in warmer temperatures. This is because there is air between the hair fibers, which both insulates and aerates simultaneously.

Unlike sheep's wool, the cashmere wool does not itch. The wool can be used directly on bare skin, and cashmere is therefore known as incredibly soft and comfortable. Garments that only contain small amounts of cashmere lose these properties and that is why we at Kashmina have chosen to produce only pure cashmere products. Pure cashmere products become even softer and more comfortable over the years and are without a doubt an investment for life.


Cashmere wool is very durable. Cashmere garments will not pill to a particular extent if treated gently.

But like other wool products, cashmere pieces will naturally pill to a small extent, especially at the beginning. Unfortunately, we probably just have to accept that there will always be some pilling when you have knitted garments made of natural fibers.

Pilling occurs due to the short hair fibers within the yarn, and during the first few wears, these fibers will come out. This often occurs in areas where there Is extra friction, like under the arms, on the chest, etc. 

The small lints must be carefully plucked away. Do not cut, shave, or use an electric lint remover. If you cut over the fibers, this will only produce new buds that will come out during the next wear. Gently pull away lints by hand, preferably before the first wash. After the first wash, you will find that the wool has settled even more, and the pilling decreases.

Degree of softness and gauge explained:

The degree of softness refers to the so-called "hand feel». It has to do with the softness and degree of "fluffiness" in the garment. It varies between very soft and fluffy. You will feel a little difference and also see a little difference on the surface.

A fluffy garment is brushed up a little more than one that has a very soft quality. Both qualities are naturally comfortable, but we still think it's nice to distinguish between them, for those of you who are a bit of a connoisseur of cashmere.

Gauge means the number of stitches per square inch (2.5 cm). The higher the Gauge (number of stitches per square inch), the smaller and tighter the stitches. Our highest gauge is 16, and you can find it on our «Air» pieces or our cashmere top «Skin». 

The quality is lovely. It almost resembles silk. These garments hardly produce pilling, because the yarn sits so tightly. With a lower gauge, the stitches are larger and therefore looser. An example is our Lux robe, knitted in 5 gauge - which is chunky and extremely thick and soft knit. The feeling of luxury comes immediately. But you probably have to count on picking a little more lints.

Most of our sweaters are in either 7 or 12-gauge. You will find the 7 gauge ones to be a bit thicker and softer than the 12 gauge ones, but the comfort is fantastic on both. We always design pants, which are very susceptible to wear and tear, in a high gauge (12-16) -to make them more durable. (Still, cashmere pants must always be worn gently).


Our most important partner is based in northern China. We design all our garments ourselves, and the factory produces these for us. The garments from the factory have been tested several times and we consistently use some of the world's best cashmere wool in our production.

Finding such a quality supplier has been a painstaking process. We have collaborated with the Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO), and developed tests, to ensure that our partners deliver wool at an elite level.

If you have questions about quality, gauge, or hand feel - feel free to contact us by email.