Cashmere is the fine undercoat fibres produced by cashmere goats (Capra hircus), an animal living in the Himalayas and mountainous regions of Kashmir, Asia. Due to the extremely cold winters the cashmere goat has developed an undercoat of remarkably thin hair fibres, which acts as an insulator and keeps the animal warm even at extremely low temperatures.


Pure cashmere garments are unique, as cashmere wool fibers are among the most exclusive and finest natural fibers known to man


Properties that characterize clothes made of 100% cashmere is that they are 

  • remarkably soft and comfortable to wear
  • non-itching, as compared to al lot of other wool, and it may be worn directly onto bare skin even for newborn babies
  • warm and insulating when it's cold, whereas during high temperatures and summer the cashmere actually has a cooling effect
  • softened even more over time. You may wash your cashmere garment and it gets even softer and more comfortable over time

Cashmere is collected during the spring moulting season when the goats naturally shed their winter coat. Everything is done manually, with no machines involved and it´s completely harmless to the goats. 


100 % cashmere products will be even softer and more comfortable over the years and is clearly an investment for life


Kashmina buys only the highest quality white cashmere - from Inner Mongolia. Our wool is tested (tests performed by the National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO))– to ensure the high quality. Garments are designed in small town Drøbak outside Oslo, and produced in Hebei, northern China.


How do I take care of my cashmere?


Cashmere must be treated carefully. Instead of hangers, please store your cashmere folded. Cashmere rarely needs washing, however when it´s time, we recommend the following:

a) dry cleaned professionally or

b) machine washed at home. When washing at home, please apply your machine wool program, at 30 degrees with gentle wool-friendly detergent (avoid enzyme containing detergents). Avoid centrifugation. Squeeze out water carefully. Fold out the garment onto a towel and dry flat. Never put your cashmere sweater on a hanger to dry because it will stretch and may loose it´s shape.

(You may also try gentle hand washing, but machine washing is in fact gentler to your garment).

After the first wash, your garment will be even softer and even more comfortable than before - ENJOY!!




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