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With focus on high quality - in every aspect of our profession

In Kashmina of Norway, we create beautiful garments in 100% cashmere wool.

There are varying qualities of cashmere wool - and in Kashmina we aim for the highest possible standards. We only work with cashmere of the finest quality, with minimum measures of fiber thickness and length - which ensures outstanding quality, softness and lifespan of our designs.

Kashmina designs are meant to create high quality garments with life-long value to our beloved customers. Unique clothing in the worlds most luxurious natural material. And we aim at doing so with quality - with regard to all aspects of our production and processes.

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Cashmere quality - availability and prices

Cashmere is known as the world's most exclusive wool. It differs from sheep wool, merino, alpaca and mohair - by its unique properties.

The ultra-thin hair fibers of the cashmere goat  cannot be compared to other wool - they are thinner, finer, softer, more insulating and, unlike other wool, they provoke absolutely no itching or discomfort.

Did you know that cashmere insulates 3 times more than wool from sheep?

Cashmere is particularly suitable to be worn directly to your skin and to keep you isolated and warm.

However, there is limited breeding of cashmere goats and pared with the unique quality of these special natural fibers, this naturally leads to prices a little higher than for other wool.

Quality of cashmere wool

The cashmere raw material purchased for Kashminas production is chosen with care, tested and confirmed to be of highest quality.

When Kashmina was established in 2011, a fiber test was developed by SIFO (State Institute for Consumer Research) in collaboration with the founder of Kashmina, to investigate cashmere quality. The test verified fiber thickness, length and authenticity. This was the first time such a quality measure for cashmere was performed in Norway.

Together with technicians at SIFO, Kashmina tested raw material samples and became experts on how to determine the quality of cashmere.

This basic knowledge is still of high value to the quality and the spirit of Kashmina.

The factors that determine the quality of cashmere wool are the length and thickness of the hair fibers. In addition, it is of course of great importance that the cashmere is pure and not mixed with other materials.

The thinner a hair fiber is, the better. Cashmere fibers may in fact be as thin as 13.5 microns (micrometers) in diameter, but this is quite rare.

The cashmere used in Kashminas production is about 15.5 microns in diameter and this indicates truly high quality fibers.

Length of the hair fibers also affects quality. You want the longest possible hair fibers. Kashmina's cashmere fibers are no less than 3.5 cm. This is considered to be a highly desirable length.

A final factor that affects the quality of cashmere is the color of the natural wool. Among the different shades of natural grey and brown, white wool is the most exclusive. Kashmina only buys white cashmere. This is because this wool provides the best possible starting point for the natural dyeing processes of the cashmere yarn.

Is there poor quality cashmere on the market?

Price and quality in cashmere are closely related. There is an international kilo price for cashmere wool and this price is similar for everyone professional producer who buys the raw material.

Thus, cashmere garments that are surprisingly affordable may be assumed to be either of significantly poor quality or even more likely - not cashmere at all.

Why 100% pure cashmere wool?

You may mix cashmere with other materials, such as merino, cotton or silk. Many clothing brands do so - mainly to reduce the price of the garments. In such cases you get a "taste" of the cashmere's qualities in the garment, but it is still just a hint of the full range of properties you achieve when the garment is made of 100% pure cashmere. In our opinion, it is not comparable.

All Kashmina garments are 100% pure cashmere.

The unique qualities of cashmere:

  • Cashmere is among the world's finest natural materials, with its ultra thin, soft hair fibers
  • Cashmere has a handfeel, a softness, you have never known before, in any other textile material
  • Cashmere insulates three times more than sheep wool
  • Cashmere is 100% non-itching and may be worn directly to skin, even to a newborn
  • Cashmere is a natural and renewable resource and does not harm the environment

100% pure cashmere by:

Quality in production

Our partners and two factories were selected through very thorough processes with quality and sustainability in focus. Behind our designs and production, there are a range of long-lasting responsible collaborations, premises and conditions.

Our factories have business cultures and traditions for high quality and responsible deliveries, and they have legally committed to complying with all our quality requirements.

Key factors in Kashminas production:

  • Cashmere wool is a renewable raw material and the starting point of a sustainably produced garment
  • The cashmere wool is dyed with 100% natural non-toxin dyes
  • Spinning of yarn takes place at modern facilities with no danger to the personnel
  • Knitting of the garments is done on knitting machines powered by competent personnel
  • Sewing, washing, ironing, quality check and packing are done by experienced employees
  • Our packaging consists mainly of sustainable and recycled material - to us sustainability is equal to quality in production

Quality in design

Kashmina is a company that highly appreciates skills and competence. Design is our profession and we care for it very deeply.

Our designers are highly educated and experienced. Our design processes are carefully performed and monitored - and based on the desire to create a healthy, quality-producing fashion brand - with far distance to fast fashions mass production.

Kashmina is "slow fashion" - we aim towards a balanced and sustainable production, based on quality over quantity.

Every year, Kashmina launches a collection of new designs. Each of them brought to life through long processes and through excitement. Each new design is the result of creativity, joy, love for cashmere and the attempt to create a new timeless and beautiful garment, that hopefully will make our customers thrilled. 

All our designs have long lifespans, both in the collection and in the customer's wardrobe.

Our hope is that with timeless designs, and high quality, we´ll achieve even more sustainable wardrobes and pleased customers.

Quality in the customer experience

We aim to always improve our customer service. 

Is there something wrong with your Kashmina garment - we will do our very best to help solve the problem.

We regularly provide extra service by free sewing and repairs - even years after the garment was purchased.

We want you to have your Kashmina garment for years and years, and we´re more than happy to help you with maintenance.

  • Always expect a helping hand - if you are online and need help to find the right style or size, or if you have questions with shipping or payments - please call, chat or e-mail us
  • You should easily find what you are looking for, otherwise contact us. After your purchase, we will ship the products to you fast and smooth, with DHL express
  • You can reach Kashmina via a number of channels: email, phone, chat, Facebook, Instagram and via our physical stores (we have 2 permanent stores in Oslo, if you are visiting Norway).

Quality in the working environment

Kashmina aims to be an attractive workplace in Norway, where employees thrive and get to develop on both a personal and professional level.
We work to achieve a strong, friendly and unifying work space, that encourages both creative thinking as well as technological progress. 

In team Kashmina, after 10 years, there are currently about 23 committed cashmere enthusiastic employees and together we are aiming towards the expansion of a strong Scandinavian cashmere brand. Thank you so much for your kind attention and please check out our designs here.