Cashmere must be treated carefully. Instead of hangers, please store your cashmere folded. Cashmere rarely needs washing, however when it's time, we recommend the following:



Please apply your machine wool program, at 30 degrees with gentle wool-friendly detergent (avoid enzyme containing detergents). Centrifugation to a max of 600rpm. Fold out the garment onto a towel and dry flat. Never put your cashmere sweater on a hanger to dry because it will stretch and may loose it's shape.

(You may also try gentle hand washing, but machine washing is in fact more gentle to your garment).

After the first wash, your garment will be even softer and even more comfortable than before - ENJOY!!


As with all other natural wool, we experience pilling with cashmere. Pilling is the excess short fibers in the yarn, that come our clustered as little hairballs. Especially after the first times the garment is worn. Please just remove the little pillings manually by hand, or very carefully by comb. Do not use electrical devices, razorblades, scissors or similar. After the first washing the pilling more or less stops and your garment will be ready for life long wearing.



Have you notices that all our product pages includes a section described as CASHMERE QUALITY? Good - because this is to point awareness towards the different cashmere properties and qualities. 


This has to do with the softness and the feel of the garment. All our garments are of high quality cashmere, but there is still a variety of handfeel, determined by the yarn treatment.

We use two different handfeels: "very good handfeel" and "fluffy handfeel". The fluffy garments are worsted yarns and you will immediately feel the fluffy yarn as something special, and extra soft. Very good handfeel would be how you normally experience cashmere, super soft and gentle towards the skin.



Means the number of stitches per inch - but it also tells you something about the structure and the feel of the garment. The higher the gauge, the smaller the stitches are. Our highest gauge is 16, and we only use it for a very few designs, such as our super light, thin and delicate cashmere tops.

The quality is amazing, almost a bit "silky". At lower gauges the stitches are bigger and the knit becomes a little thicker. Most of our sweaters are 12 og 7 gauge.  A really lower gauge, like 5 gauge (like our lux robe) you get more of a chunky knit. Chunky, soft and thick cashmere - whats not to like? How is the gauge in the garments you already have. Take a picture and send it to us, we will tell you. 

If you have any questions about cashmere quality, gauge or handfeel, please email us - and we'll get back to you with everything you need.