How do I pay in Kashmina's online store?

You should be able to choose the payment solution that is desirable for you and we only work with secure payment solutions. We offer the following solutions for payment.

• Bank card (VISA, Mastercard)
• Paypal
• American Express

The amount is reserved and deducted as the item is sent from us to you. This is in line with the Consumer Agency's regulations.

How long does the shipping take?

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Kashmina ships world wide. 

All international orders are delivered with DHL express. Our International shipping rate is 20 EUR, regardless of purchase volume, or shipping distance.

  • Shopping from Europe: flexible delivery by DHL Express, within 1-2 days.
  • Shopping from outside Europe/rest of the world: flexible delivery by DHL Express, within 2-3 days

Do you have a free return?

When shopping online, you have 30 days to decide if you want to keep your product. If you wish to return the Kashmina product, we offer a full money back guarantee for the product price for until 30 days. Shipping and taxes/duties are not refunded. 

Return address:

Kashmina AS
c/o Directhouse Arendal AS
PO Box 19
4855 Froland


I want to return. What should I do next?

Kashmina applies Laws on consumer purchases online. Thus, you may return unused goods, together with the attached Return form, within 30 days and receive your payment directly to your account with the exception of taxes and customs – for which you can apply for refund at your local tax office. Return costs are borne by the consumer.

We also need a receipt / order number of your purchase.

To exchange a garment, please follow the steps below:

  • Fill out the Return form
  • Pack the product in its original packaging . The goods must be returned in the same condition as received. The product can not have been used or washed and needs to have the label on.
  • Tape the self-adhesive return shipping note on the outside of your package and make sure the package is well sealed.
  • Deliver your package at the post office. We recommend sending the package with tracking so that the package is not lost in the mail.

Return address is:

Kashmina AS
c/o Directhouse Arendal AS
Postboks 19
4855 Froland


If you wish to change size, color or style, we offer 30 days open return.  For exchanging a product, please follow the steps for returning goods and place a new order with the desired new color/ size/ style.

Read more here about exchange and return
Read more here about purchase conditions

Who do I contact when I have received an item with a manufacturing defect?

If, contrary to expectations, you have received an item with a manufacturing defect, please contact us via: contact@kashmina.com. Please also send documentation / photo of the error.

What is cashmere and where is it produced?

Real cashmere wool is the fine underhair in the fur of the cashmere goat, an animal that lives in the mountainous areas of Kashmir between China, India and Pakistan. Due to the cold winters in the mountains, cashmere goats have developed undercoats of extremely thin hair fibers, which have an insulating effect and keep the animal warm even at very low temperatures.

Read more about cashmere here.

What are the properties of cashmere?

Properties that characterize products in 100% cashmere wool are that they are extremely warming and insulating when it is cool, while in summer it adapts to body temperature and has a cooling effect.

Read more about cashmere wool here

Will cashmere be pilling, and what can I do?

As with all other natural wool, we experience pilling with cashmere. We must unfortunately accept that there will always be some pilling when you have knitted garments made of natural fiber.

This is because the shortest hair fibers in the yarn come out, at first wear. The knobs must be carefully removed. Do not cut, shave or anything else - then you will cut over fibers and make new bumps, which will come out next time. Carefully remove the knobs after use, and preferably before the first wash. You will experience after the first wash that the wool has settled even better and the pilling decreases.

Read more about processing cashmere wool here


Where are our factories located and how is the production?

We constantly work for the most sustainable production possible. It is about daring to ask questions, making demands and making the right decisions. In our work to gain more control over our own production, we have prepared a standard that we use as a basis when choosing suppliers and partners.

Read more about our sustainable production here

Where are our stores located?


Brandstore OSLO: Prinsens gate 22a

Brandstore DRØBAK: Torggata 1

See opening hours here