Our customer reviews

"Just received my items from Kashmina, and I can not express how incredibly beautiful and comfortable their products are! Absolutely amazing!"

Jeanett Solli

"Ordered the goods on Wednesday. On Thursday I will be notified that the goods can be picked up. Unpack the most fantastic cashmere clothes that were so beautifully packaged that it was a joy. Kashmina really delivers above expectations."

Helene Stenersen

"Have been a customer for several years as I love the garments from Kashmina. Have bought many different garments over the years and all of super quality that is a pleasure to wear on the body. Has become" chronically dependent "on my lux form that I have with me everywhere and which I love to wrap myself in. In addition, I am very happy with customer service as it is both fast and very nice. Has become my favorite brand! Can be highly recommended! "

Tina Lorentzen

"Kashmina has my favorite garments / scarves. Super quality - softest, most wonderful cashmere that stays just as nice wash after wash!"

Rachel Hovde

“I have shopped several products at Kashmina, and am very happy with everything. I wear one of my four Kashmina scarves daily, and I depend on the robe that I have lying at my cabin the cabin, along with all the sweaters.

The products are soft, comfortable and of good quality. I am not the one who washes wool rarely, so even after many trips in the washing machine, the products are fine. The service is also super. Once I had not read the text well enough, and the item was not quite as I expected, but then it was no problem to change.

I do not usually shop in this price range, but when you divide it by the number of times you use the products, the price is minimal. I love Kashmina, and will definitely shop there again! ”

Charlotte Bjerke Klægestad 

"Cashmere bathrobe is the garment I did not know I needed, and which suddenly became indispensable!" Lovely and soft cashmere garments that are a pleasure to wear. In addition, I feel very nice in them too, and that is also important :-)

(Merete Øverli Moldestad.)

"Love the garments from Kashmina. Got me both dresses, sweaters and scarves. Super comfortable garments that are used both for everyday and parties. The clothes are nice in design and fit well. Sweater and long sleeved dress are normal in size and have a super fit. Signature scarves are just a must in the wardrobe all year round, I want all colors. Have shopped online and received super service. The goods are delivered quickly and easy to exchange. Recommend everyone to try Kashmina."

Marthe Stamland Rogne

"I am the lucky owner of several Kashmina garments and love all the products. The scarves in soft colors are lovely both in winter and summer season. I literally moved into the robe the day it came in the house. My daughter has 2 beautiful baby blankets. These have become diligent used since she came into the world. Despite a lot of use, all the garments are still just as soft and look unused. What a quality!!"

Hanne Cecilie Hegna

"Kashmina's products are fantastic! Good quality, super service and have become indispensable in my wardrobe. The signature scarf has become my favorite, and is always with me whether it is a trip to the south, a city trip or a trip to the cabin."

Marit Stenshorne

"I am very happy with the products from Kashmina. The quality is very good. The clothes are soft and comfortable and they keep their shape well even after washing. My favorites are the bathrobe and the signature scarf. I often bring the scarf with me when traveling, it also works as a "little blanket on flights. Customer service works great, you get quick answers and good advice on choosing sizes, etc. I can safely recommend Kashmina!"

Anne Starheim

"Kashmina is a fantastic Norwegian brand that I have become incredibly fond of. It is a brand with good quality. I own 3 scarves, a hat and a sweater, and I like them all super well! The scarves I have had for several years are just as nice yet. I especially love the signature scarf, and have it in both beige and in the army color. I use them all year round, because they are so warm and comfortable. They are brilliant to bring on a travel since it is so big and soft. I am never cold on planes anymore (the scarf is so big that you can use it as a blanket, but it is not stiff (such as acne). All my other scarves (and there are many) have hardly been used since I got these scarves, because they can not be compared.

Kashmina has super soft, nice, delicious and comfortable clothes. It costs a bit, but it's simply because the quality is so good. It is an investment to buy these garments - they stay just as nice year after year. If I had a good advice earlier I would have owned many more garments from Kashmina. And I think it's fantastic to be able to support a Norwegian brand as well. Highly recommended! "

Marit Bøe Engell