Cashmere must be treated carefully. Instead of hangers, please store your cashmere folded. Cashmere rarely needs washing, however when it´s time, we recommend the following:


a) dry clean professionally or

b) machine wash at home. When washing at home, please apply your machine wool program, at 30 degrees with gentle wool-friendly detergent (avoid enzyme containing detergents). Centrifugation to a max of 600rpm. Fold out the garment onto a towel and dry flat.

Never put your cashmere sweater on a hanger to dry because it will stretch and may loose it´s shape.

(You may also try gentle hand washing, but machine washing is in fact more gentle to your garment).

After the first wash, your garment will be even softer and even more comfortable than before - ENJOY!!

Photo: Use a washing detergent made for fine natural fibers, we suggest Tangent but there is plenty on the market.