Our big size guide - here’s how you use our size guide.

It’s easy to shop online, but it can be challenging to get the sizes right. We at Kashmina have now made it easier with a simple guide to using our size guides so that you get the sizes right every time!

How to measure sweaters

How to measure our pants.

In the videos above, you’ll see how to take these measurements, so that you can use the size guide as effectively as possible to find the right size for you.

How to find your size:

Do you already have a favorite sweater that fits you well? Then you can use this to compare by measuring it lying flat on a table. We have exact measurements on each of our products, so you can easily find the size that fits you best. Wiggle room of 2%.

How to measure sweaters:

  • Chest measurement: Across the front of the chest.
  • Waist measurement: 39 cm down from the highest point of the shoulder, and across.
  • Garment length: Measured from the highest point of the shoulder (right next to the bodice) and straight down. 
  • Sleeve length: Either from the highest point of the shoulder down (raglan), or from the point of the shoulder down. 
  • Shoulder width: Measured from end seam to end seam.

How we measure pants:

  • Lay the pants flat and straight out. 
  • Waist measurement: measure the width of the waist, across the front. 
  • Waistband - groin: from the top of the groin, flat
  • Garment length: from the top to bottom
  • Leg width at the bottom: the bottom part lying flat, measuring across the full width.