Meet our best seller - Milano cashmere sweater

Milano is our absolute bestseller here at Kashmina, and it’s not without reason!
Milano is the perfect turtleneck sweater, with a soft and comfortable neck. It has an oversized fit, which makes it super comfortable and wonderful! Knitted in soft and fluffy 7 gauge.

Discover Milano

This sweater is in 100% pure cashmere, with rib knit details on the neck, sleeves, and at the waist.
Milano has a modern touch, as it is longer at the back than at the front.
Note - Milano is oversized, so if you’re unsure about the size, we recommend sizing down.

*the model is wearing Milano in our bestselling color: toast

Super soft and comfortable

Cashmere wool can be worn directly on the skin as it is 100% scratch-free. Perfect for cold winter days.

Gauge Explained

Gauge means the number of stitches per square inch (2,5 cm). Milano is knitted in 7 gauge. Most of our sweaters are knitted in either 7 or 12 gauge. Those in 7 gauge will feel a bit thicker and softer than those knitted in 12 gauge, but the comfort is undoubtedly amazing on both.

Milano sweater - Black

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Milano sweater - Hunter

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Milano sweater - Black / Ginger

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