Your guide to the perfect cashmere scarf

The temperatures are dropping and the season for cashmere scarves is here! We wish to show you our broad collection of scarves - but what separates the different models, and which one is the right one for you? Find out here!

Cashmere scarves

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Signature scarf

Dreaming of a big cashmere scarf?

Our Signature scarf is perfect for you who are looking for a big cashmere scarf. Our most popular scarf of all time! This scarf is big enough to wrap around your neck once or twice, or you can wear it as a shawl over the shoulders. This is the perfect everyday scarf, all year round. Bring it with you when traveling or use it as a blanket in the stroller. Truly a must have!

Measurements 73 x 193 cm

Flow scarf

A light scarf with volume

Our beautiful Flow scarf is perfect for you who likes light and airy scarves. Flow has amazing insulating properties, and at the same time has lots of volume. Wear it as a shawl or a scarf.

Measurements 80 x 200 cm

Nobel scarf

An exclusive and elegant scarf, that can be worn outdoors or indoors

Our newest addition in the collection - Nobel scarf. Nobel is our most exclusive scarf, as it is knitted in double cashmere quality. It looks and feels super luxurious- Amazing to wear over the shoulders at the office, and very fashionable over any wool coat.

Measurements 50 x 190 cm

Urban scarf

Cashmere scarf for men

Urban is a classic cashmere scarf and is the most popular scarf for men. Beautiful quality, 100% itch-free and timeless design. Guaranteed a success with men, but also amongst women!

Measurements 50 x 180 cm

Softy scarf

Cashmere scarf for children

Did you know that we also have cashmere scarves for children? This are completely itch frat and is wonderfully soft against bare skin. Tips - an amazing gift!