The cashmere experience

The cashmere experience

Cashmere is the diamond when it comes to fabrics. Only 0.2% of global animal fibers are cashmere, and is considered as «soft gold» due to its high quality and excellent features.

Once you've experienced cashmere, you won't wear anything else - that's the cashmere experience.

Get to know cashmere

Cashmere is a natural fiber which comes from the cashmere goat. Some other common natural fibers you might have heard of include: mohair, sheep’s wool, linen, cotton and many more. These natural fibers are more valuable than man-made synthetic because of their natural properties and the benefits that they provide.

While cashmere and sheep’s wool are both natural fibers, cashmere is superior as it is softer, more insulating and durable. The best cashmere quality comes from Inner Mongolia (just like our goats do) where the temperatures are extreme, and the goats grow finer fibers to keep warm in the harsh environment. These are collected during spring when it gets warmer and the goats sheds their coats as they no longer need this extra layer of warmth.

If you have ever wondered what’s so great about cashmere wool vs sheep’s wool, and why cashmere is more of an investment vs other natural fibers - keep on reading

Why cashmere is superior 

You might have heard about cashmere, and maybe you also own a few pieces. But are you aware of its excellent properties?

  • Ultra soft and comfortable:
    Cashmere comes from soft natural fibers which creates luxuriously soft pieces. And the best part is that they get softer with age! Also, unlike some other fibres, it does not irritate the skin and can be worn directly on it. This makes cashmere the ultimate wardrobe for the entire family.
  • Natural and sustainable:
    It’s no secret that natural, sustainable fibres are friendly for the planet and for you. These fibres are obtained from goats, and the best cashmere do not use harmful dyes and chemicals. Since it is natural, there is also a lower risk of allergy.
  • Warm:
    Due to its natural curling features, the cashmere fiber can effectively prevent the influx of cold air, and it is actually 3 times more insulating than sheep's wool! If it keeps the goats in Inner Mongolia warm – it will do the same for you. For colder temperatures, opt for cashmere and you’ll be both cozy & warm.

Cashmere is an investment - and here's why:

  • Seasonless:
    You may think that warm cashmere is only suitable for winter. However, you can use it through any season due to its adaptable features. The fibers adjust to your body temperature, keeping you comfortable no matter the season. Pieces in cashmere are perfect for transitional weather and chilly summer evenings.
  • Durable:
    Once you get yourself a cashmere product and care for it correctly, you can be assured it will be with you for many years. Unlike other wool or knitted garments, cashmere does not lose its softness or amazing feel, making it the perfect investment. For more information on maintenance read How to take care of your cashmere pieces
  • Lightweight:
    Garments made from sheep’s wool provides warmth, but they are relatively heavy compared to cashmere, and can feel scratchy due to the coarseness of the wool. Cashmere fibers are strong, but incredibly lightweight and naturally wrinkle resistan, making cashmere the ultimate travel companion!

Cashmere vs wool

Wool and cashmere are very good natural fabrics, but cashmere has some better properties and has a more luxurious feel.

Why choose cashmere by Kashmina

Cashmere is not just about luxury and style - it is about natural, sustainable and comfortable clothing that every woman must experience. As wardrobe staples, they are timeless in their quality and style, and being versatile, you can pair them easily with anything! We love to style cashmere together with other natural fibers, such as: leather, wool, silk, linen or cotton.

You can be sure that pieces from Kashmina will always be:

  • Flattering - all our pieces have a flattering fit
  • Inclusive - fits any body type and age
  • Timeless - our pieces will never go out of style

We are slow fashion - but what does that mean?

All our pieces are made with 100% pure cashmere and can be worn to any occasion. We always have comfort in mind when designing pieces, and we make sure that every single piece has its own identity and a wide range of use.

Our customers are always in the heart of everything we do

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Kashmina is the best choice if you are looking for soft, beautiful pieces in cashmere. All our pieces are in the best quality, and with high durability. We take pride in providing you the best customer service, and the best quality to a fair price. Norwegian design and a trusted brand.

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