Make the journey comfortable with cashmere

Make the journey comfortable with cashmere

When you travel you are looking forward to getting there. But the journey itself can be a slightly uncomfortable duty with stress, congestion and noise.

Still, you can take some steps to make it as comfortable as possible. We give you the package list for how you can make your travel outfit more comfortable, and at the same time looking good.

Choose the right clothes for the trip

Twisting into a cramped plane or train seat in tight-fitting jeans and a blouse can be both an acrobatic and uncomfortable exercise.

Make sure you have clothes that breathe and are warm. Cashmere wool is unsurpassed in that sense.

The thin hair fibers in the cashmere wool both ventilate when the body is too hot. And it warms 3 times better than sheep wool. This allows you to sit in your cashmere for a long time and it is just as comfortable when you start the journey as when you arrive.

In addition, you can have the cashmere directly on your body.

Cashmere in 100% pure cashmere wool is completely itch-free, and you avoid stinging garments and red-bumpy skin.

A good scarf

Our travel favorite is a large and delicious scarf in 100% cashmere. This can be used over the shoulders, around the neck, or as a lovely blanket to wrap in when sitting in the airplane seat.

Choose a neutral color that suits all your travel outfits, or one in the same color as your favorite sweater.

Our most popular scarf - "Signature" - is a large and wonderful cashmere scarf. It is as usable in the summer as in winter and is incredibly soft. And if it's too hot at your place of arrival, just put it in your bag.

Layer upon layer of cashmere

If you dress layer by layer with delicious cashmere, it is easy to adjust the temperature as needed.

Cashmere both warms and breathes, and you will feel comfortably warm and will not get damp even in summer.

If you wear a soft T-shirt in 100% cashmere, with a cashmere cardigan or cashmere sweater on the outside, you are sure that the air conditioning on the train or plane will not be anything but comfortable - and of course you must not forget a cashmere scarf!

Cardigan or sweater in cashmere

A cardigan in 100% pure cashmere should be in every suitcase - whether you are going on a city break or a trip to the mountains.

Cardigans are easy to put on and take off, and can be opened and closed as needed.

A short cashmere cardigan is beautiful on top of the summer dress and warms well throughout the evening.

A longer cardigan like "Trench" is perfect as an outer jacket in the summer, and as a nice warm indoor jacket in the coldest months.

A cardigan is a super-useful garment that is loved on all trips.

It is important with comfortable trousers on the trip

You probably recognize yourself in the discomfort with tight pants that squeeze in the waist when you are traveling. With some lovely cashmere trousers, you are guaranteed top comfort.

The trousers are available in many designs and colors. You will find everything from the trousers you want in the sofa corner to the cashmere trousers you can have at work. Common to them all is the comfort they give you. This is not about being uncomfortably clammy on your thighs while trying to find a sitting position that is reasonably livable.

Keep your legs warm with socks and leg warmers in cashmere wool

A pair of cashmere socks is a luxury for the feet and it is very easy to put on and take off as needed.

They are so nice and warm that you can kick off your shoes without getting frozen.

In order not to get cold on the legs, leggings are an excellent alternative. These fit just as well on bare legs as on top of such as tights.

Sweet dream with a sleeping mask in cashmere

You may have had a face mask that either pushes into your eyes or disappears up in the hairline at the slightest movement.

Cashmere sleeping masks are extremely comfortable. They are soft against the skin, they breathe and they keep the light out.

If you travel with a baby

We get a lot of grateful feedback from mothers who use the Sanna blanket for their baby.

Kashmina's baby blanket is perfect as a warm blanket on the journey and not least as a breastfeeding blanket.

It can be used directly on the skin from the time the baby is born. It is very soft and completely itch-free and is washed at 30 degrees.

Things to think about for the trip:

  • Use less makeup. Then your skin breathes better. The air is usually extra dry in aircraft cabins so a good moisturizer can be nice to have available
  • Drink water. It is just as important to hydrate the inside as the outside
  • To avoid a sore scalp, it can be nice to have your hair loose or a loose braid so that you can lean up to e.g. a seat.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Especially on flights, your legs can swell up a bit, so do not take the tightest shoes you have
  • Avoid too many trinkets and belts. You have to put them on and off at the security checkpoint, and they can become uncomfortable on long journeys. Bring them in your luggage and put some bling on when you arrive
  • Entertainment can shorten the travel a lot. Download some series, movies and podcasts in advance.

    Most streaming services offer downloads to watch offline. Some airlines also have their own entertainment selection - especially on longer journeys.

    If you have noise-canceling headphones, you get both quality sound for the entertainment, as well as keeping noise from the surroundings outside.

    Or bring the book you intend to read in the last 6 months…

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