Reducing the use of non-recyclable plastic is important to Kashmina. It is the companies´ responsibility to reduce the use of plastic for the consumer, and we have made conscious choices when choosing suppliers of packaging. Our packaging is carefully marked to inform you about how to recycle it. We still think that our production contains unnecessary plastic, but we are constantly trying to improve. 

When you shop in our online store, the garments you order will be wrapped in protective bags that are made of 75% recycled plastic. The shipping bag is produced from 20% recycled plastic and is produces with 100% renewable energy. The plastic packaging is 100% pure material that makes it recyclable and recommended by Grønt Punkt Norge. 

In our stores, we have made conscious choices to facilitate the customers to make environmentally friendly choices. Our bags are made of cardboard without plastic film and can therefore be recycled in suitable paper waste. The handle must be removed and recycled as residual waste. Our wrapping paper is also made of recyclable material and can be recycled as paper. We also give all our customers the opportunity to have the receipt sent electronically, to reduce unnecessary use of paper.  

We encourage our customers to:

  • Use our plastic bags and cardboard bags several times
  • Recycle the plastic packaging you receive from us in suitable plastic waste so that the plastic can be used again
  • Recycle our cardboard bags in suitable paper waste and the handle as residual waste