Kashmina charity



We support the non-profit organization Streetlight schools!


Kashmina has a collaboration with Streetlight schools, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an innovative, low-cost education model to primary school learners in South Africa. Profits from Kashmina is used to support their school in Johannesburg; Jeppe Park Primary. We encourage everybody to take a look at the work they are doing, and to consider if this is something you want to support as well.

(Read more about their work and how to donate here: www.streetlightschools.org)


"I´m really impressed with the work done by the dedicated volunteers in Streetlight schoos, creating a safe and educational environment to children in South Africa. Being a teacher and scientist myself, I really wish to support this kind of charity work and hopefully Kashmina can contribute to make a difference to some of these children"

       Monica (founder of Kashmina)