«As a biologist, I have a tenderness for nature and animals, which I have taken with me into Kashmina. It is more important than ever to make the right choices, and it is my responsibility to ensure that Kashmina has a production we can vouch for” 

Monica Bergem
founder of Kashmina

To achieve the most sustainable production possible we have to dare to ask, make demands and make the right choices. In our work to gain more control over our production, we have prepared a standard that we use when choosing suppliers and partners. We want a transparent relationship with our customers, and we want to include you in our development. For us, it is about making the right choices for Kashmina. We are constantly working to get better and will not stop until we have reached our goal. You can read more about this below.


For us, sustainability is more than the environment – it is also the people we work with. We work to maintain good and inclusive working conditions for the people who work in our factories. Everyone deserves a safe and secure workplace and therefore we have requirements for our partners. 

The employees must have:

  • A viable salary and paid vacation

  • A clean workplace with adapted facilities

  • Employment contracts the secure the employee

  • Equal rights and wages that do not discriminate against gender, religion, caste, sexual orientation or political views

  • The management of the company must consist of both sexes


For us, it is important that the animals in our production live under good conditions. We value good animal welfare and want to ensure a good quality of the cashmere we use in our production. We are proud to say that we work with good partners who have strict requirements to ensure good and caring animal welfare.

Some of our requirements are:

  • The animals must graze in a suitable area, and have dedicated space to seek shelter when needed

  • The animals must always have access to clean water and food, which is suitable for the animal to have good health

  • The animals must be treated in a way that does not create unnecessary stress

«Cashmere wool comes from goats. The wool is combed manually with a comb, a traditional process and technique that is fast and completely painless for the animals.”


Kashmina designs and produces garments in 100% pure cashmere wool. Cashmere wool originates from Asia, originally from the Kashmina area, but in modern times most of the animal husbandry has established itself in Inner Mongolia. About 70% of all cashmere in the world is processed in Inner Mongolia and China. Here you can find the most experienced and traditional expertise associated with the world’s most exclusive wool. 

Our two factories are located in Inner Mongolia and in Hebei, China. The factories values quality, good working conditions and an ethical production. They work to reduce unnecessary climate emissions, and to have an environmentally friendly focus when using water and energy. Our raw material, cashmere wool, can be tracked back to farms and individual animals.

Through years of collaboration, Kashmina has had the opportunity to develop beautiful garments in 100% cashmere of the best quality. We have produced many thousands of garments, which have ended up with cashmere-loving customers both in Norway and in most countries in Europe. 


Our goal is to have a sustainable production. That involves making choices that are not always the cheapest, fastest or most profitable. We try to take one step at a time towards a production that is as kind as possible, and in the best possible way takes care of the animals, people and the nature involved.



We make an active choice when choosing our packaging, and therefore use packaging that is made from recycled material.



We are in the process of increasing our certifications. Trough certifications, we want to ensure our customers that our products are made in a sustainable and safe way.