Make the journey comfortable with cashmere

We love to travel and prefer to be as comfortable as possible on the journey towards our destination.

Here, we have gathered our best tips for a comfortable journey in delightful garments made of 100% cashmere, which will make you feel as good as you'll look.

Choose the right clothes for the journey:

Opt for soft garments that don’t constrict. Clothes that breathe yet provide warmth are perfect for when you're traveling - here, cashmere is fantastic! Cashmere wool has a unique quality that prevents the skin from feeling clammy if you get warm and insulates up to 3 times more than sheep's wool.

Garments in 100% pure cashmere are completely itch-free and beautifully soft against bare skin.

Cashmere scarf - a must-have on all trips:

The ultimate travel favorite is a large and luxurious scarf made of 100% cashmere. Use it over your shoulders, around your neck, or as a cozy blanket to wrap yourself in when sitting in the airplane seat.

Also great as a shawl over your shoulders after the sun has set - even in warmer climates.

Layer up -

Layering with comfortable cashmere makes it easy to adjust the temperature as needed. If you wear a super-soft t-shirt with a cashmere sweater on top, you can be sure that the air conditioning will only be comfortable.

Cardigan or Sweater in Cashmere

A cardigan in 100% pure cashmere is something that should be in every suitcase - whether you're going on a weekend getaway or a trip to the mountains. Cardigans are easy to put on and take off, and can be opened and closed as needed.

A cashmere cardigan looks lovely over a summer dress and provides warmth as the evening sets in. Our "Trench" cardigan is perfect as an outer jacket in the summer months, and as a cozy warm indoor jacket during the colder months.

A cardigan is an incredibly versatile garment that is loved by many when traveling.

Comfortable Pants

You're probably familiar with the discomfort of tight pants that squeeze at the waist when you're traveling. With some luxurious cashmere pants, you're guaranteed premium comfort.

Our pants come in various designs and colors. You'll find everything from the pants you want to wear in the comfort of your own home, to the cashmere pants you can wear at work. What they all have in common is the comfort they provide.

The ultimate accessory:

It can quickly get chilly on flights and trains, but with a pair of cashmere leg warmers, you'll be saved from getting cold feet. These are just as suitable over bare legs as they are over tights.

Traveling with Baby

We receive grateful feedback from mothers who use the Sanna blanket for their babies. Kashmina's baby blanket is perfect as a warming layer during travel and especially as a nursing blanket. It can be used directly on the baby's body from birth. It's very soft, completely itch-free, and can be washed at 30 degrees.

Other things to consider for the journey:

  • Use less makeup. This allows your skin to breathe better. The air in airplane cabins is often very dry, so having a good moisturizer on hand can be beneficial

  • Stay hydrated. It's just as important to hydrate the inside as the outside

  • To avoid a sore scalp, it may be helpful to keep your hair loose or in a loose braid so you can lean against, for example, airplane seats

  • Bring comfortable shoes. Especially on flights, your feet may swell a bit, so don't wear the tightest shoes you have

  • Avoid too much jewelry like rings and belts. They need to be taken off and put back on during security checks, and they can become uncomfortable on long journeys. Pack them in your luggage and accessorize when you arrive

  • Entertainment can significantly shorten travel time. Download series, movies, and podcasts in advance. Most streaming services offer the option to download and watch offline. Some airlines also have their own entertainment selection, especially on longer flights.
  • If you have noise-canceling headphones, you'll get both good sound quality for entertainment and keep noise from the surroundings out. Or bring that book you've been meaning to read for the last 6 months…