Cashmere robe "Classic" - grey


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Cashmere robe "Classic"

Beautiful and very popular robe in the 100% cashmere. The robe is incredibly soft and comfortable. It is just the best way to start your morning - and the most comfortable way to end your day...
Very popular present from him to her - and also to the mums to be.


As compared to the Cashmere robe "Lux" - it is exactly the same design, but Lux is in a thinker knitting quality, it´s more chunky knit, a bit warmer. Chose the one best for you, they are equally popular.

 Size chart:



shoulder width


chest width

48 cm

body length

105 cm


59 cm

(PS! The robe is best suited if your height is between 160 - 180 cm) 

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