On our wishlist


Christmas is here, and we all have our wishlists under control. Have you wished for pieces from Kashmina this year? If you have - you are not alone! We at the Kashmina office have wishlists of our own, and here we have collected some of the pieces we want the most. You will also find some styling tips! 

Nina Risberg, sales manager at Kashmina

This Christmas, I have «Aurora» in toast or white on the top of my list. A beautiful and soft sweater, that goes with everything! For Christmas, I would style it with some leather pants or a skirt.

For lazy Christmas days, where most of the day will be spent on the sofa, I want «Lux hoodie» together with «Lux pants» to be my companion. The ultimate set for cozy times.

Gaelle David, marketing manager at Kashmina

For Christmas this year, I have both «Hedda» and «Embla» on my wishlist. Hedda is the ultimate basic sweater with a turtleneck. Embla is also a basic sweater, but with a round neck instead. They are both super wearable, and can be used for every occasion.

My goal for 2023 is to build a capsule wardrobe, and therefor I am in need of classic basic sweaters!    

Madelen Bredenbekk, designer at kashmina 

As the designer at Kashmina, I would like to have every piece on my wishlist. But «Maya» cashmere sweater is a piece I already own in multiple colors, and it is an ultimate favorite in my closet. I practically live in it! Therefor I have Maya in black on my wishlist, the only color I don’t have (yet).

«Milano» is also a best seller that I never get tired of wearing. It goes with everything! I like to style it with tight jeans, leather pants and a blazer - preferably a wool blazer.

Ida celine Abrahamsen, Content manager at kashmina

I have already secured some classic favorites like «Milano» and «Tights», but I still have a long wishlist.

For Christmas this year, «Trench» coat in light grey, and «Classic pants» are on the top of my list. «Trench» is a super soft and long coat, and I love that it has spacious pockets! Another reason for why I love this coat, is that it can be worn as a coat, cardigan or a robe! I love pieces that can be worn different ways.

«Classic pants» is also a must have. Classic and comfortable pants, in 100% pure cashmere.  

Monica Bergem, founder and CEO of Kashmina

I am a very lucky woman to have a wardrobe that naturally contains of a lot of cashmere from my own collection. I combine these pieces with classic pieces in natural qualities from other brands. My absolute favorite pieces right now is «Nora» coat in Toast, and «Air pants» in black.

Nora is a wonderful piece that can be worn all year round - and our color toast is my new go-to color.

I use air pants at home every single day, and it is definitely the most awesome pants we have ever designed. I have one for lounging at home, and one for more dressed up occasions - both in black.