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There are a number of things you as a consumer can do to help make sustainable choices when buying clothes from us.

By properly reusing our packaging, you are helping taking care of our planet. When you buy a garment from us, this should be a garment you love and use for many years to come. Our wish is that our customers will buy fewer garments of better quality, which is better for the environment.

Our collection consists of classic and modern designs that fit the female body. They are made of natural material, and designed so they can be styled in several different ways. In this way we help to promote "slow fashion". By maintaining your soft cashmere garments properly, you ensure that they will last for generations.

When you shop in the online store, the garments will be protected by bags that are produced from 75% recycled plastic.

Our shipping packaging is produced from 20% recycled plastic and is produced with 100% renewable energy.

It is important to us that the customer does not receive unnecessary plastic and our plastic packaging is therefore 100% pure material that makes the packaging recyclable and is recommended by Grønt Punkt Norge.

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