Cashmere sweater with pocket "Cool" - grey

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Title: 1-2 år
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This cashmere sweater is exactly what you are looking for if you are in for a special treat for your kids. It is chunky and more comfy than any other garment in our children collection. The finish is double on sleeves, waist and neck with 2+2 rib knit details. The sweater has a pocket with the design detail of going from front to back, which gives it a cool and unique look. The sweater is "oversized" - designed to be big and chunky. So it will fit your kid for a long time. May be machine-washed at 30 degrees - and will only get softer after washing. Made to last for generations!! 7 Gauge


Kashminas designs are made of 100% pure cashmere, the worlds most exclusive natural fibers. Cashmere has unique qualities, by being exceptionally soft, completely non-itching, breathing and isolating more than 3 x that of regular wool.
Our garments may be machine washed at 30 degrees (Celsius) with a mild detergent, like any other wool garment. If you wish, please read more about maintenance and cashmere behavior HERE.

We ship the package to your doorstep, within 2 days, by DHL worldwide express. All taxes and customs are included (DDP), no surprises at delivery. Freight cost is a steady EURO 20, regardless of purchase volume. 

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